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ADM3251, ADM2578, ADM3053


I am using a ADM3251, ADM2578 and a ADM3053 in my design.

I am a little short of connections out from my enclosure.  I have designed my PCB with no GND for the ADM3053 which I now realise is a mistake - I will shortly redesign this to resolve this issue.  I previously connected Analog and I was told it would be OK to connect the GNDs on the ADM3251 and the ADM2578 on the output side ie the isolated GNDs.  My question is is it OK to connect all of the isolated GNDs together on the 3 devices?  This would mean the RS232, RS422, CAN interfaces would share the same GND connection leading out from my device (is connecting the isolated GNDs together).  In my application only one interface can be used at a time ie RS232, RS422 or CAN bus.