ADUM2201ARWZ IEC60950-1

ADUM2201ARWZ  have by IEC / CSA 60950 certification standards at an altitude of 5000 meters?

Test report only through 2000m

  • Hi Webber:

    we do not do test at alitidude greater than 2000m when apply CSA 60950 certification.

    Please send mail to me, we could find some way to help you get that certification. My mail address is

  • We do have GB4943.1-2011 certification up to 5000 m for the ADuM2200/01 family in the latest data sheet. GB4943.1-2011 is essentially equivalent to IEC 60950-1, but has been adapted to the local requirements for China. We are obtaining other certifications and they will be added to our Safety and Regulatory page soon. Please contact us if there are other products requiring certification up to 5000 m.


  • Hello Webber,

    I would like to add some detail to the previous discussion.

    CSA60950 can be used for any altitude.  The standard refers the designer to the insulation coordination standard IEC60664-1 which has table A.2 Altitude Correction Factors.  The clearance must be scaled from the 2000m standard values listed in IEC60950 and GB4943.1-2011 standards.  For 5000m the correction factor is 1.48 x the 2000m table value.

    If you need parts qualified for use in China, then it is best to get a part with GB4943.1 certification since the required temperature and humidity test conditions are higher for China than what is required for Europe. The GB cert will match the local requirements.  ADI provides GB certification for many of our most popular parts including the ADuM2201.

    I hope this clears up the options.

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