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Regarding the noise about the AUDM1201

When I add one external CAN communication PCB used IC  AUDM1201 isolation  TX and RX  into the RF receiver moudle,The RF receiver range become shorter. I check it is the IC AUDM1201 problem. I want to  how to aviod the ADUM1201 noise effection . the below sch is Audm1201 isolation.

  • Hi zgl,

    I was wondering if you could clarify on what you think the cause of the reduced range? The schematic you attached doesn't give too much information on what might be the reasoning behind the reduced range. The picture of the schematic is also low in resolution so I am unable to tell what the VDD1&2 values are as well. Also I was wondering how much did the range decrease by?


  • Thank you for your reply, The attached picture show our PCBAS position. Because our project is 2.4G RF receiver, when i add the small PCB about CAN communication (have IC ADUM1201) ,Then the receiver RSSI drop 6DB and the range is shorter.

       By the way, if the IC ADUM1201 only connect the VDD1 and VDD2,the interference don't happen.But the VDD1 and VDD2 is on ,only set hight on  Via(7) pin or set hight on Vib(3) pin, the interference happen



  • Hi,

    You mentioned when power on the ADuM1201, interference will not happen. But set the input to high, interference will happen. One thing is that if you power on the ADuM1201, the chip will transfer data internal whatever you give the input or not. So I could not judge if the ADuM1201 affect your system.

    I think you can do one experiment is romove ADuM1201 and short the input and output directly. Then let your system work to see if there is interference.
    And how do you power the RF reciever module? And how do you power the CAN communication PCB? Do they power respectively?



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