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Maximum Junction Temperature of ADM3491

Maximum Junction Temperature of ADM3491 is not available in datasheet. Please provide the same

  • Hi Veerasamy,

    The junction temperature for the part can be calculated if we know what the power dissipation is:

    Tj = TA + θja*Pdiss

    The 14-ld N-SOIC ADM3491 has a θJA Thermal Impedance of 86°C/W (for a 4layer board).

    The ADM3491 dissipates about 0.25 W in a typical application.

    For a thermal impedance of 86°C/W and a Max. ambient temperature of 85C the corresponding Junction temperature is 107C.

    If you have concerns about operating at higher than +85C ambient, then the ADM3076E is an alternative part that can operate at up to +125C ambient.

    Best Regards,