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high dc voltage isolation

I need to design a multi-channel isolated 15v /ch voltage monitor. Each ch will be isolating an SPI bus up to 1500vdc working voltage. This will be used to allow voltage monitoring of individual 12v car batteries in a series stack of 100. Any way to isolate with that much common mode?

  • Hi Bill

    Are you going for basic or reinforced isolation? High DC voltages shouldn't be a problem for our parts but depending on your needs we might need to account for creepage and clearance. I was also wondering if you happened to have a schematic or a diagram of some kind showing what the system would look like. Just wanted to know how the layout would have to look like before suggesting a solution.


  • Dont know? which will have the best results? I dont have a schematic or block yet.The layout is up to me.  Its pretty straightforward though, I just need to withstand a 1500vDC working voltage continuously.  The board will be FR-04. I would like an isolator with a power supply included like the adum6402; thought the spec for those was 848v or so.

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