(ADuM128*)Supply current VS temp.

Hi !

Do you have any value for supply current with changing temperature?

At datasheet ,

I think this is 125deg spec.

Our customer wants to know that if they use ADuM128x with lower temperature ,

can they decrease the supply current?

Our customer are gona use ADuM128x lower in the temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

If you have any supply current test results with few temperature can you show me?

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  • Hi Joseph.

    Thank you for your answer.

    I understood that our customers would not be able to decrease the supply current.

    Our customer want to use the iCoupler with 1MBps.

    And also they want to reduce an emission noise.

    So, they want to use 2nd generation iCoupler or more newer.


    But I think this will be trade off with the supply current.

    In any case I have to talk about this with my customer.

    Best regards.


  • I don't think they would be able to decrease the supply current. Normally the max current draw should happen at colder temperatures so using the max current draw specification from the datasheet should be a good indicator of expected current draw at cold.

    Do you know what speeds the customer need to operate at? Any special design considerations? The normal ADuM120X should be lower power consumption and if you want the lowest power consumption then maybe the 124X could be used.

    Joseph Shim