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ESD issue


One of the customer has ESD issue with ADuM7241.

The customer tried to use ADuM3201. The issue is cleared.

Could you let me know why ADuM3201 is stronger than ADuM7241 against ESD?

Is the insulation rating proportional to ESD enhancement?


  • Hello Michiba-San,

    The ADuM3201 is actually a ESD hardened part that is better equipped to handle ESD events.

    Application note 793 reviews some considerations for ESD as well as going over the features of some of our ESD hardened parts.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


  • Hi Joe-san,

    I visited the customer to explain ADuM3201 is better than ADuM7241.

    The customer wants to know how strong ADuM3201 is compared with ADuM7241.

    The customer is confused because ADuM7241 is stronger than ADuM3201 according to the reliabirity data.

    The reliability data mentions ADuM7241 has 3000V ESD protection and ADuM3201 has 2000V.

    The customer evaluated ESD by themselves.

    ADuM7241 had broken and receive the error was EOS.

    ADuM3201 didn't broken when the applied higher ESD voltage.

    You don't have to guarantee the ESD protection value.

    Is it possible for you to let me know why ADuM3201 is strong?

    Is it possible for you to let me know how strong ADuM3201 is?



  • Hi Joe-san,

    I confirmed the data. It seems old one. When I let the representative confirm the data is improved as 4000V.

    The customer doubt ADuM7241 is not so strong as mentioned.

    However, the customer may replace ADuM7241 with ADuM3201 if our explanation is good.

    Is it possible to let us know how to achieve the ESD enhancement with ADuM3201?


  • Hello Michiba-San,

    I was wondering where you got this reliability data from? The values I am seeing are different from the values you have mentioned. I just wanted to clarify this piece of information before going into details about the improvements made on the ADuM3201.



  • Hi Michiba-san,

    Is there anything specific you were looking for?

    The AN-793 does contain a small list of features but if you need more detailed information let me know.

    It might be good to know what kind of tests the customer is doing (schematic, setup, etc) so that I might be able to provide specific information on what differences between the two parts cause the ADuM3201 to be better for what the customer is working on.



  • Hi Joe-san,

    Thank you for the answer.

    I have explained it before. However, the customer wants to know how high voltage ADuM3201 have enhancement.

    You don't have to guarantee the value.

    It is helpful if you have the data.

    Then the customer will accept the information and replace ADuM7241 with ADuM3201.


  • Hello Michiba-san,


    At the moment direct comparative data between the ADuM7241
    and the ADuM3201 is not available. I know that you are looking for a guaranteed
    value however it seems like you or your customers are looking to improve system
    level ESD ratings. Since there are so many variables that affect systems level
    ESD it is difficult for us to provide data beyond component ESD testing done
    during qualification. Slight modifications to the board layout or a change in
    BOM can affect how a circuit would handle an ESD event so all we can say is
    that our ESD Hardened parts will provided improved ability to handle ESD.

    The only thing we can really guarantee is are things like the human body model
    which generally is representative of how the part will handle ESD before and
    during production while it might be handled by an operator. This however is not
    any indicator of how well it will do with a system level ESD standard.