Action of your AD5700-1

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our customer is studying with your AD5700-1 on his product.

So I have a question for you.


When he assert get the duplex signal, your AD5700-1 receive TxD signal though the condition of RTS signal and output the HART_OUT(1200Hz/2200Hz Tx).

Is this correct driving?


If so, when HART_OUT and HART_IN(ADC_IP) are coonected to same analog circuit, then HART_IN is received always.

And finaly, CD signal is asserted always.

Is this correct?

Please refer to my enclosed 2 scope shots for you.

RTS in green, HART_OUT in yellow

The lower shot is zoomed one.

scope01.png = HART_OUT for DUPLEX assert/RTS deassert

scope02.png = HART_OUT for DUPLEX assert/RTS assert

Thanks Kaos
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