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strange behavior MSP430 SPI clk out to ADN4665 input

This SPI link is running at 4 Mhz and was working well until, no kidding, the assembly was dropped 2 feet and hit the ground. I'm not sure this is causing my issue unless it is a compromised solder joint which I haven't been able to find/prove.

I'm using this to drive a bus and read an ADC. I have a master unit which continues to work, until I connect a slave via the SPI bus at which time my master ADCs no longer outputs correct data. If I hook a scope probe to the clock line on the master everything works again which indicates, I think, a timing issue which is corrected by scope capacitance. I cannot detect any timing differences or issues in both conditions. Levels and timing, by my o'scope, appear in spec.

Again, this was working fine until the unit hit the floor. Very weird. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.


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