ADM3053 drive capability


Our customer will use ADM3053 and ask minimum combined impedance and drive capability.

I think below. ( in the case of  cable loss =0)

Is my understanding correct ?

Datasheet P.1 says "Connect 110 or more nodes on the bus".

If load of CAN bus is compesed of 110 nodes of ADM3054 in parallel ( 20Kohm minimum Differential Input Resistance of ADM2053),

Combined resistor is 180 ohm.

When this 180ohm  is in parallele with !20 ohm termination resistor*2  on the CAN bus, final combined resistor is 45 ohm.

So, minimum impedance will be 45 ohm and drive capability is driver output voltage(MAX) /combined resistor  =   3.0V/45 ohm =67mA.

If there is any wrong with my understanding, please let me know your advice.