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ADUM4160 EFT Issue

HI Sir

I need a usb isolator solution, so I use the adum4160 for usb isolator

I bought a evb(CN-0158 Circuit Evaluation Board) for EFT test,but it will fail during communication when EFT test

I already add many solution for IC power,include TVS, Bead,resistance

Do you have any advise?

  • Hello Alex,

    1) The EFT test voltage can impose a very high dV/dt across the barrier depending on how it is applied.  Typically the rise time is 5nS and test voltages are around 1500V.  The rough dV/dt is 300kV/us which is an order of magnitude higher than the CMRR spec of the isolator.  This generation of digital isolator in a practical sense can withstand ~100kV/us without data corruption.

    2) The EFT test setups can generate emissions that can be imposed on the power supply lines.  This can also cause upsets during the test.

    The solution to problem 1 is to review whether the test requires this voltage across the input to system ground.  It is not always required to be applied this way for I/O cables.  For problem 2 I would suggest better bypass on the side of the part that faces the connector.  Power line filtering would help as well, like adding a ferrite choke before the bypass cap.

    I hope this helps.


  • I also have this issue, have you solved EFT issue?