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ADM3251E and ADM2587E GNDs

Hi there

I am using x1 ADM3251E and x1 ADM2587E devices to connect to my micro controller which proides a RS232 and RS-485/RS-422 interface to external hardware.  I am short of pins on my IO connector which carry the ADM3251E and ADM2587E signals -

ADM3251E - TX, RX, GND

ADM2587E - TX Hi, TX LO, RX Hi, RX LO, GND

Is it possible to share the same gnd between these devices? 



  • Hi David,

    If you refer to the part datasheets, then:

    For the ADM2587E (page 7) when you are stating GND - do you mean GND2?

    For the ADM3251E (page 8) when you are stating GND - do you mean GNDiso?

    If both parts share the same isolated ground then that is ok.

    i.e. Ground 2 and GNDiso sharing then the same ground connection.



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