ADUM5000 gives high output

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I have designed a circuit with ADUM5000 as isolator. The input to the IC is 3.3V and the configuration is: RCin pull down, RCsel is pulled up and VSEL is pull down.  All resistors are 4.7K. there are 10uf and 0.1uf caps on all recommended pins for input and output power.

The load is around 10mA. The output voltage is only 2.6V.

If i disconnect the load then the voltage is 6V.

What could be the possible problem. 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 23, 2014 7:40 PM

    Satnam: I reviewed your schematic and it looks good.  The output voltage should be 3.3V with the 10mA load or without. There was a startup problem with the first version of the ADuM5000 which depended on the ramp rate of the input voltage or output voltage, if they ramped up too slow the internal reference may not initialize to the correct voltage.  The problem has been fixed with the latest revision. Can you tell me what the datacode is on the part?  Have you tried more than one part?

    Regards, Brian

  • Hi! bkennedy,

    Thanks for you reply and review of  my circuit.

    The part code is

    adum5000 arwz



    The input to the device goes through a LD1086D2T33, the voltage at its output remains constant, when checked with multimeter.

    I have used parts from same Batch in some other isolation circuit, it worked fine there. That circuit was for USB isolation with adum4160.

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    on Aug 2, 2018 2:40 PM
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