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Please help to check there are any differences between the two chips.


I wants to replace the Maxim transceiver with ADI and need the confirmation from your side that this is safe. From paper, the datasheet seems to be the same and my side thinks it is safe to change. However, I want to make sure about the potential differences.

The Maxim chip is U34.I will only run 19200 baud rate on the RS485 side.

Please feedback to me as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your help.
  • This question was responded to through the FAE by email and is assumed answered. Typical receiver hysteresis was confirmed as similar between a MAX3485E part and ADM3485E, and the ADM3485E typical input impedance (A,B) is higher.

    The DC and timing specifications match on the MAX3485E and ADM3485E (note the datasheet linked here is for a different part, ADM3485). There are slight differences in abs max ratings, including ESD performance. The abs max ratings on the bus pins for the ADM3485E (−8 V to +13 V) are higher than the ratings for the MAX3485E (-7.5V to +12.5V).


    Regarding ESD, we do have a verified and tested EMC solution for the ADM3485E, achieving 15 kV air/8 kV contact IEC ESD, level 4 EFT and level 1 surge according to IEC 61000-5-5. We have an evaluation board EVAL-CN0313-SDPZ demonstrating this and two other protection methods (offering higher surge ratings), details are at .