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The reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd for ADuM1301/1401BRWZ

Dear Sir/Madam, maybe Dave C.



Do you have the evidence document of the reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd?

Otherwise can you recommend another i-coupler fit for the reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd?



We are confirming your following models to our Certification Organization that they can use to put on the part of reinforced and isolated circuit as CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd.




So we submitted your the one of Certification Body(CB) that I enclosed here to our Certification Organization and confirmed. Then we got the following comment from him.


We cannot confirm from CB.

1) The distance of internal isolation

2) The isolation thickness

3) The tested value by high voltage


Therefore Certification Organization guy could not be passed your ADuM1301BRWZ and ADuM1401BRWZ as reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd.


Thanks, Kaos

  • Hi ,

    Can anyone reply this ?

    If you dont have this document, then please put it here.

    Thanks Kaos

  • Hello Kaos,

    We currently do not have a system level certification for IEC61010 3rd ed.  Our certifications are for 2nd ed.

    When 3rd ed. came out a couple of years ago, it was a radical change from 2nd ed.  It added lots of specific requirements on insulation for both potting materials like mold compound and thin sheet materials.  It went from basically having to pass electrical tests to large numbers of requirements.  This is a System level standard, so it has a large sale perspective, and did not translate well to examining the insides of chips.  Over the past two years the certifying agencies have been deciding how to deal with this standard on the chip level and are just now starting to offer certification to digital isolators.  We are still analyzing how this will affect our devices.

    What we can do now?  As far as external creepage and clearance, and required withstand and working voltage, out parts meet the requirements of your IEC61010 3rd ed. system.  What we need is demonstrate is that the part can be rated as either basic or reinforced.  What our customers do is to use IEC60106 clause 14.1.d which basically says that a IEC equivalent standard supercedes the requirements of IEC61010.

    Our VDE-0884-10 certification as an IEC equivalent standard.  VDE0884-10 is based on the optocoupler standard IEC60747-5-5.  Many of our customer have gone this rout.

    Let me know if I can provide further information.

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you MSCantrell,

    OK, so do you have another device for fitting IEC61010 3rd ed.?

    Except for 




    Thanks Kaos

  • Currently all of our parts will be the same from a certification point of view.  Nearly all carry VDE0884-10 and that should be applied to IEC61010 3rd ed. systems.  None of our parts currently carries an IEC61010 3rd ed certification directly.

    Best Regards,