ADuM240x versus ADuM440x

We're using ADuM4400 series devices in our designs, but note the existence of the very similarly specified ADuM2400 series in the catalog.  It seems that ADuM240x devices use a bit less current and have TUV60950 and TUV61010 Reinforced qualifications as extra certifications.  The two series seem to cost the same.

Are there differences between ADuM240x and ADuM440x I have not discerned?

Is there any reason to prefer ADuM440x over ADuM240x, as given the latter's lower power consumption, I would otherwise select it.

Is ADuM240x newer and therefore to be preferred for new designs with anticipated long lifetimes?

Thanks for your help with this.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 30, 2013 4:10 PM

    Hello MarkS,

    The ADuM440x family contains circuit and layout enhancements to help achieve system-level IEC 61000-4-x compliance (ESD/burst/surge). The precise capability in these tests for the ADuM440x are strongly determined by the design and layout of the user’s board or module. For more information, see the AN-793 Application Note:

    ESD/Latch-Up Considerations with iCoupler Isolation Products

    The slightly higher current consumption of the ADuM440x is due to increased biasing to help achieve this performance. Both the ADuM240x and ADuM440x are active and recommended for new designs.


  • Thanks DaveC,

    I see that now.  The ADuM440x datasheet does have a section on its ESD enhancements, a section not in the ADuM220x datasheet.

    No numerical information that I can see in the tables of parameters to draw my attention to real performance improvements in ESD, so I hadn't picked up on the ADuM440x enhancement.  That's my excuse, anyway.

    Quandary resolved - appreciated your fast response.