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ADM3053 layout


I would like to start to layout design .

Could I have information about layout of ADM3053?


I checked UG-234

1)   1)  Edge Guarding

    UG-234 layout doesn’t have the edge guarding on VISO side.

    a) Doesn’t it need ?  It isn’t so effective? 

    b)  Could I see the noise data of this evaluation board, like AN-1109 figure 5?


2)   2)  ADM3053 Board construction

     ADM3053 evaluation board is 6 layers

a)        a) Could I know t he Thickness of each layers? (special controlled?)

b)        b)  Usage of Layer 5?

3)   3)  Safety capacitor and Stitching capacitance

     We doesn’t have a space for stitching capacitance

     And we try to use safety capacitor..

    The document says, a safety capacitor effects under 200MHz.

    ADM3053 internal clock frequency is 180MHz.

    a)  How effective is Safety capacitor ?

    b)  Could I have your advice about such small area layout


Thank you for your help