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Need a High Voltage Level Translator

Hi Guys,

I have to translate some signals from +14V to +3.3V. They are very low frequency signals. Can you suggest me any level translators ?



  • Hello YSVenu,

    The ADG3123 is the only High Voltage level translator that we have.

    I believe that it is possible to use this part in the manner you have described above, but we have not tested it with inputs above 5.5V and don't have any information on how the datasheet specifications will change.

    These are the recommended voltage levels:

    VDDB >= 14V

    VDDA = 4.3V

    GND = 0V(ground)

    VSS = I don't know what your system will use here, but it should be the lowest level.

    Pins Y1 to Y6 will output ~3.3V for a 14V input and Pins Y7 & Y8 will output ~13V (depending on VDDB).



  • Have a look at the ADG467 octal line protector. If you run its +V supply pin at +4V and the -V supply pin at about -1V, you can translate input signals up to about +/- 40V down to 3.3V CMOS logic levels. The ADG467 consumes only microamp leakage currents from the supply pins under any input voltage conditions.