ADuM5402, Viso specification on datasheet


Please let me ask to confirm the description on datasheet of ADuM5402, in case 3.3V primary (VDD1) / 3.3V secondary (Viso)

such as below.

Here, recommended operation range for VDD1 is, 3.0 V ≤ VDD1 ≤ 3.6 V.

Question is, at Setpoint in 1st row, shows Viso is  3.0 V ≤ Viso ≤ 3.6 V.  Does it mean,

a) Viso is determined by actual value of Vdd1 with in the above range ? In other words, if Vdd1 is 3.5V for example, Viso will be around 3.5V uniquely ?


b) Despite what voltage of VDD1 is, Viso will be in the range of 3.0 V ≤ Viso ≤ 3.6 V ? In other words, even if Vdd is quite stable around 3.5V, Viso can be 3.0 V ≤ Viso ≤ 3.6 V ?

Your confirmation would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,