ADG3304/8 Input driving requirements


ADG3304 and ADG3308 is same architecture device, I believe.

I found different description in datasheet.

ADG3304 data sheet requests lower output impedance <=150ohm / 36mA peak current capability for output driver.

ADG3308 data sheet doesn't have this description.

ADG3304/8 can drive about 1mA, I think.

For example .


     Vlow th= 5X0.35= 1.75V

     (5-1.75)/6K= 541uA

     When Input level goes to below 1.75V, then change the output, I think.

1. Does ADG3308 inputs need 36mA peak current capability driver?

2. How come these requirements ,36mA and 150ohm ?