ADuM5000: how to disable to get low-power-Mode?


The Datasheet is not quite clear to me as far as Table 13 goes:

I will operate the device in Master mode with 5Vin and 5Vout (first line in Table 13) and with RCsel=H and RCin=X (don't care??).

Second-last line gives Details on low-power Mode with RCsel=L and RCin=L.

Now I would assume that I can leave RCin=L and alternate RCsel between RCsel=H (ON) and RCsel=L (OFF). However, Table 12 tells that RCin=L disables the converter.

So what about all the RCin=X in Table 13?

Should I connect RCin to RCsel and expect RCsel=RCin=H for ON and RCsel=RCin=L for OFF?

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  • Hi Tom,

    The RCsel pin selects the source for regulation control, or more accurately oscillator control.  High selects the feedback path from the secondary, Low makes it select RCin as the source for oacillator control.  When external regulation is selected, RCin=Low a high level on RCin turns the internal oscillator on, and Low turns it off.

    When RCsel is high, the RCin is a don't care, it will be ignored.

    When RCsel is set low, If RCin is set low it turns the oscillator off and low ower is achieved.  If it is set high, then the oscillator runs at 100% and the Viso voltage will go to about 7V if it is unloaded. 

    I would recommend tying RCin Low, and toggling RCsel to switch between secondary side regulation and oscillator off for low power.


  • Hello MSCantrell

    It's clear now, thanks much.

    Regards, Tom

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