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ADuM5230 for driving AC switch


I am currently doing a project of resonant converter which involves AC switching in some of the tuning components.

The AC switch that I am using is consisted of two N-channel MOSFETs with a back-to-back configuration to control the current flow of a capacitor.

Since the design has a cost and size constraint (pretty much like every other consumer electronics), ADuM5230 seems like a pretty good choice to us as it has an isolated supply power.

However, the problem is that both the high-side and low-side MOSFET have floating ground so I am not quite sure how exactly we can use this driver to switch this AC switch.

The attached schematic is something that I think it might work for my application, could you please comment on it?

Description of schematic:

The input of the resonant tank is driven by a current of square waveform, and the tank voltage is around +/-30V.

ADuM5230 is intended to drive Q5 and Q6. The Viso is connected to Vddb to provide an isolated supply power for output B. Since the source of the two MOSFETs can be regarded as a common ground, I've connected it to GNDiso and GNDb.

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