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Is there a eval board for the ADUM5230 ?

Is there a eval board for the ADUM5230 ?

Or a eval board for the ADUM6132?

My end goal is a full bridge driver without a bootstrap circuit driven from two PWMs. (one for each half bridge).

Concerns: Shoot through, protecting the FETs.

  • mdboze:

    We have not made an eval board for the ADuM5230.  We have a blank board for the ADuM6132 that could be used for some tests if you needed one, so you would need to order parts and build the board. If you are driving much more than the 200pF load that the ADuM6132 is rated for, you may need to add buffer transistors as seen in figure 16 of the datasheet.

    If you are concerned about shoot-through and protecting the FETs, you need to add the proper delays in your PWM signals to turn off one set of switches of the bridge before you turn on the other set.

    Regards, Brian

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