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Bus contention on ADUM1401

We are concerned about an interval of bus contention during power-up between an ADUM1401 and a DSP processor.  During power-up, the Side 1 power supply may lag behind Side 2.  Therefore, the ADUM1401 outputs will be driven high.  At the same time, the DSP processor outputs will be asserted low.  This means that for about 10 msec, there will be contention.  There are no resistors between these devices, and it is unclear which device may overpower the other.  The DSP is capable of withstanding this contention.  We are not certain whether the ADUM1401 can also survive.  Figure 4 of the datasheet shows that ADUM1401 can handle 265 ma on side 1 and 355 ma on side 2 under some circumstances (DIN V VDE-0884-10).  Can we assume that this device can endure for this length of time?  Do you have a suggested solution to this dilemma?

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