USB cable and Isolator ADUM4160 ADUM5000 not work in Windows 7

I assembly the circuit according to the manual and used a mouse to make a test.

In Windows XP SP3 works and does not work on Windows 7 64-bit Professional.

I put a 2.0 hub in the following configuration: PC, hub, isolator and mouse started working.
I tried setting : PC , insolator , hub , mouse, but does not work .

I tried to solve using the pin PIN, but had no success.

I have no idea what to do, anyone have any suggestions?
  • Hello Edsoncan,

    Check the basics first.  This part does not automatically switch between Low speed and Full speed.  Be sure that you are changing the value of SPU and SPD as you switch between devices of different speed.  High speed will default to full speed under the full speed setting.  It is behaving like the ADuM4160 is set for full speed, but the mouse is low speed.

    Be sure that your peripheral device has a pullup if it requires one.

    I would tie PIN to VDD2 until you get the part working.


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