ADM2687 decoupling concern

From the data sheet for ADM2687 I see application information on page 18 for decoupling capacitors for the device. I have a question about the 10uF capacitor that the data sheet suggests. I'm in the process of defining the capacitor part numbers to use for the device. I would probably specify a tantalum capacitor for the 10uF bypass capacitor.  This tends to be fairly large, for instance I would use a 10V device P/N T520A106M010AHE.

It's interesting that when I found the evaluation board data sheet, UG-317, the 10uF capacitor is specified as a ceramic device. From UG-317 the 10uF cap (C1 and C9) are specified as P/N 0805ZD106KAT2A. I always thought that two ceramic capacitors created a tank circuit that would be a bad design for filter applications.

Should I be concerned? Should I use ceramic or tantalum capacitors for this application?