medical ADC isolation


I would like to read temperature from thermistor connected to catheter (medical device)

using the following thermistor P12358CT-ND, THERMISTOR NTC 10K OHM 5% 0201

MCU is arduino uno board

after reading I found the AD7400 and  AD7400A and have a few question

1) for what and how I use the internal clock? (or way both of them have MCLKI if one does have internal clock?)

2) are they good enough for medical 60601-1 ISO (5 kv resistance), can not find "60601" in their spec

I am not and HW person so I am looking for simple EVM just plug and run (a full solution)

3) is there a ADC fully integrated 5 kV rms  signal and power isolated like the adm2687E

4) I found the EVAL-AD7400/AD7401, how do I connect isolated dc to the digital side (simple dc-dc convertor?)

5) is there a description how to connect it to MCU including power isolation (or better a link for a EVAL doing it already)

6) how to connect it to thermistor (just plug or need to add some components?)

5) any other whole solution board ideas