Need Help on floating point Gate Drive

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Iam trying to develop a floating point mosfet drive (N - N Configuration) for Position control using ADUM1420 (I gate Driver) but i need a operating temperature of -55 degree centigrade which is not there in ADUM1420 can you suggest any alternative

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  • Shankar: Unfortunately, our isolated gate driver ICs are rated down to -40C and not to -55C.  The ADuM1420 is a full bridge gate driver and could instead be implemented with two ADuM1234's, which are a more current device, but are only rated to -40C. You could review the datasheet and if appropriate, then sample some ADuM1234s and test them out in the application. To have a part rated to -55C, you would need to make a business case to Analog Devices for your application that would justify the considerable expense to have an IC qualified and then released to production.

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