ADUM1400 Inputs enable behaviour

Hi, I have found a strange behaviour in the ADUM1400BRWZ: the datasheet says the pin 7 shouldn't be connected but if I don't connect it the inputs are disabled. Then I tried to connect pin 7 first to GND1 and then change it to VDD1 to see the diferences. Having voltage supplied to both the isolator sides, if outputs are enabled (pin 10 to VDD2) and pin 7 to GND1 all the logic outputs are high logic value no matter the input's logic value. As soon as pin 7 is changed from GND1 to VDD1 all the ouputs switch to low logic value following the inputs logic value.

Is this device designed to act like this? I would appreciate very much your comments because the datasheet doesn't give any clue about it.

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