Can ADuM3160 be reconfigured as Peripheral and Host on one port

I want to use the ADuM3160 USB isolator to make a peripheral and host port on the same device.  I see that there is a control pin for the pull-up and another for the pull-downs.  Is there any way to make it work this way by disabling the internal resistors and providing my own?

  • No, the ADuM3160 USB isolator cannot be made to work as a configurable host and peripheral port even with external components.  The part’s internal logic will not allow data to pass when the PIN input has disabled the upstream pull-up, so one direction of data communications is not possible, even when external pull-ups and pull-downs are provided.  For this function, two separate ports must be used each with an ADuM3160 isolating it in a different direction.  Even then the Host port will not meet all of the functionality required since the speed is fixed by the configuration chosen for the SPU and SPD pins when the circuit is designed.

    What is required is a part that is compatible with the USB On The Go (USB OTG) standard.  This standard also handles power on the bus, and dynamic changes in host and peripheral rolls.