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Fan out for ADUM3400


I'm using ADUM3400 as a digital isolator for the project. I want to connect 12 DAC ICs (Microchip make) to the out channel of ADUM3400.

But I'm not sure if this is the correct way to drive these many ICs logic gate from a single logic gate of other family. as max fan out of a logic gate is 7.

the isolated signals will be data, clock and select lines. will it give problems or it'll work fine?

  • Hello anjalishelke,

    The ADuM3400 timing parameters such as propagation delay, pulse width distortion, etc. are specified with a 15 pF load. If the load capacitance is higher the timing parameters will degrade and performance may also suffer due to heavier current draw from the output buffers.

    Another issue is signal integrity when running at higher data rates. Transmission line effects need to be considered if the edge rates are high compared to the physical routing distances. Having multiple traces branching off could make the PCB layout challenging.