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Looking for Voltage sensing amplifier for 10kV application

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUM4195-1


I'm planning to build a voltage sensing circuit using the ADUM4195-1 for a 10kV application. I have a resistor divider circuit to step down the voltage from 10kV to 5V. Does this IC support such an application? I saw in the application note that it supports up to 1kV. If you have any other suggestions for this application, please let me know here.

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  • Hello Rohan,

    The isolation barrier of the ADuM4195-1 can support 1 kV. It is possible to use the device in higher voltage applications as long as the voltage across the two ground regions of the ADuM4195-1 does not exceed the voltage limits. One way this is often achieved is to use the ADuM4195-1 on a high voltage resistor ladder sensing a lower voltage, as you have described. In this situation, what matters is the difference in voltage between GND1 and GND2. This is usually a much lower voltage than the 10 kV bus you mention.

    Do you have a schematic we can look at, or do you know the difference in voltage between GND1 and GND2? Usually, this voltage is only high when measuring a highside component in a circuit.



  • Here is the draft version of the schematic for your reference. At GND2 side its low level of 5V.