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About LTC4331 Address Settings

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC4331

About LTC4331 Address Settings
Q1: Is it okay to set only the Local address and disable the Remote side?
Q2: If address specification is required for Remote as well, do terminal settings A1 and A2 need to be the same value for Local and Remote?

  • Hi Uboti,

    Q1: yes.  Note that this is how the part behaves since remote side part automatically disables that part's internal I2C device regardless of the address pin settings.  For the LTC4331 serial extender, there can only be one functioning internal I2C device in the link and it is located at the local side (assuming that its enabled via its address pins).

    Q2: When the LTC4331 part is configured to be in the remote configuration, it disables its internal I2C device and ignores the address setting pins A1/A2.  Therefore, the connections/configuration for these pins is irrelevant (however, they still need to respect the ABSMAX limitations on the pins).