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LTC4263CS#PBF - Support Multiple ports power

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC4263CS#PBF, LTC4263

We are using the LTC4263CS#PBF IC for giving power to the POE Port in our design. I need clarification about the overloading the POE Port.

Connecting multiple high-power devices to a single PoE port can exceed its power capacity, causing power delivery failures or damage to the port. Is the IC have any control or limitations of power to avoid the damage. below I attached the schematic design,

Thanks in Advance!

  • The LT4263 is a single port PSE controller.  This is even mentioned in the attached.  It is not clear how multiple ports are powered.  ADI has a variety of multi-port count PSE controllers available if this is the requirement.  As for the power delivery, the LTC4263 has built in current limits I_CUT and I_LIM set depending on what PD class is detected.