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Alternative Spice model for MAX22700EASA+

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX22700EASA+, MAX22700E


I have used gate driver MAX22700EASA+ in my design, and need its Spice model for verification purposes. Analog device does not have any Spice models of the MAX22700E available, BUT is there any other similar driver (same family) that I can use its Spice model as an alternative to MAX22700E ?


  • Hi,

    thanks for your question. Recently we have released the model for the MAX22701D, which belongs to the same family of the MAX22700E. The MAX22701D model could be found in LTSpice after updating the components library (Tools -> Update components).

    The main differences between the two components are:

    1) the MAX2270xD has a differential input while the MAX2270xE has a ENABLE pin. This affects the way you command the gate driver but not the actual gate driving performances

    2) the MAX22701 has a Miller clamp feature while the MAX22700 has a dedicated gate driver common pin (GNDB) separated from the negative power supply of the side-B (VSSB).

    If you don't have special requirements, I suggest you to try the available model.

    Which is the application you want to address?


  • Hi   

    Thank you for your answer. I have updated the component library and found the IC in LTspice. My target is to import the Spice model of the driver in Ansys Electronics for signal/power integrity analyses. The component MAX22701D in LTspice seems to be an encrypted file, and I cannot export that to Ansys software. Is it possible to access the non-encrypted file of this component? 


  • Hi,

    I confirm that the model is encrypted but we cannot provide the non-encrypted one.