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Recommended Digital SPI Isolator for 2xMAX1230 ADCs

Category: Hardware


we plan to use 2x MAX1230BCEG+ ADCs for a total 16 differential ADC channels in our design and the digital SPI interface needs to be isolated.

So, we do need a digital SPI isolator that supports 2 SPI slave devices and ADuM3154 (which supports even up to 4 slaves) seemed a good option for this purpose.

However, the MAX1230 ADCs requires additionally one back channel (for the EOC signal) each:
Therefore, the isolator needs to support SPI with 2 SPI slaves plus 2 back channels.

What would be your recommendation for an Analog Devices isolator for this use case (SPI with 2 slaves plus 2 back channels)?

Best regards and thanks in advance

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