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ADM3222 SD floating

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADM3222

Hi Team,

Customer is asking if there is any weak pull-up inside SD pin?

Customer cannot modify the PCB, currently short to GND with 0 ohm.

Can we suggest to add 0.1uF or 1uF at SD to GND to stabilize the weak pull-up? Thanks!



  • Hi Andrew,

    /SD\ pin, active low, needs to have a valid logic high or low voltage. Connecting a zero-ohm resistor to ground makes the part in shutdown mode. Installing 0.1uF or 1uF cap wouldn’t help to pull up the logic level. If they can modify the board, they can use the same footprint to stall a pull-up resistor, and then wire the other termination of the resistor to VCC instead of GND, assuming they can separate the ground connection from the resistor footprint.