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[Max9296A] How to replicated the mipi ouput portB from PortA

Category: Software
Product Number: max9296A

My requirement: one image sensor with two display screen.Max9296A portA  output to  scrren A ,and replicaed portA on portB to the other one screen B.

I have been implemned that max9296 portA  output mipi sigal and screen A can display normally.

The problem is that I can not replicated portA on port B successfuly(Port B can not output mipi sigal).

All i did as fellow:

     1. enable copy 0 and enable copy 1

     2. the source of copy 0  is se to PHY0 and the destination of copy 0 is PHY 2

     3.the source of copy 1  is se to PHY1 and the destination of copy 1 is PHY 3

    (ohter related seting: 2*4 mode, 4 data lanes for port B )

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