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ADM3055E/ADM3057E TX Port Over 1M Data Rate Fail

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADM3055E/ADM3057E

Hi SIr

I tester EVAL-ADM3055E demo board to fount this chip TX pin data rate over 1MHz the second side output waveform was deformation ,if we need operation at 4MHz or more speed ,ADI have any suggestion?

ADM3055E Second side TX port waveform (Data Rate:1MHz)

ADM3055E Second side TX port  waveform (Data Rate:1.8MHz)

ADM3055E Second side TX port  waveform (Data Rate:3MHz)

Primary side signal generator setting (Vp-p:3.3V Duty:50% ,square wave)



Corrected part name typo in title
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