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UART TO RS484/RS422 Converter

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX490

Hi everyone,

ı need a UART TO RS485/RS422 converter. I found MAX490 tranciever-reciever IC but ı have questions. Can ı use the MAX490 for RS485 and RS422 ? ı dont see any information and aplication for rs422 in the datasheet. Also Can I use half dublex rs485 and full dublex rs422 with MAX490 IC in different times?

Thank you, your answers.

  • Hello,

    Yes, MAX490 can be used in RS-485 and RS-422 systems. The specifications in the datasheet apply to both RS-485/RS-822 protocols. In order to convert a full duplex transcerver to a half duplex mode, you have to use external switch to combine Diver and RX bus into a bus. you can consider LTC2870/71, which can be configured to half or full duplex. More ADI interface transceivers available for you to choose from, such as MAX33046E, MAX33070E/71/72; MAX33048E...