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LTC 4332 Remote Master does not respond on SPI write from Local master

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4332

I am using LTC4332 for SPI communication between two boards as suggested in the datasheet.

I can communicate with Local_Sla and R/W internal registers

I have set the SPEED1 and 2 to LOW and clock signals tried with 3.2 and 1.8MHz

I have captured the signals on the twisted pair as shown on attachment, this is periodic and I assume it's the heartbeat.

The link is pulled low indicating that the link is made.

When Local_Mas writes to Remote_Mas, Rem SPI signals should be generated, but I get nothing. Unable to see anything happening on the twisted pair either.

Has anyone come across this problem? if so what could the issue in this scenario?

Has anyone successfully used this chip in their design?

I am stuck in a bubble at the moment, any suggestions will be highly appreciated.