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How to pick up a electromagnetic coil control board?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX14912

Hi everyone,

Recently I was trying to control a electromagnetic coil. The inductance will be 50 uH and I are attempting to pass large amount of current (1 ~ 3 A) into the coil under a constant DC power source (12~36 V).

To switch between powering and de-powering Inductive Loads at a high frequency (> 1k Hz), and considering all the safety requirement, I am trying to use a well build drive circuit. I came to read about this product: MAX14912/MAX14913 (link at end) and I am not sure if this will meet my task. Can anyone give some suggestions of driving and controlling the inductive load based on my need?

Appreciate for all the read and suggestions,

Nianyu Jiang


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