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MAX3160EAP+ Power Question

Category: Datasheet/Specs

Hello, I am trying to use the MAX3160EAP+ as a converter from Serial TTL (3.3V) to RS-232 serial voltage levels. The application is for a serial console port on a single-board computer that I am interfacing with. I am doing some typical and max power estimates for a PCB design in order to provide data for my thermal analyst. The datasheet states a Continuous Power Dissipation for the 20-Pin SSOP at 952mW. Is this the max power value that I should use? Also, could I get some advice on calculating typical power based on my application?

  • Hello,

    The 952 mW is the max power that  the package can handle without damage. You can roughly estimate the total current consumption in your system  based on the  load / data rate and the TOC plots in the datasheet.  I would say it is around 60mA in typical operating condition with  two TX and RX  all ON. At VCC= 5V, the power consumption is around 300mV. But if  fault condition, such as  as port(s)  short to GND, is taken into account,  the current draw will be much higher, about 60mA(max) for each channel. 

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    Zhongmin Yu