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ADuM4136 Regarding the startup sequence

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADuM4136


I have a question about the order of power and signal input at startup of the ADuM4136.

- On the primary side, power supply: VDD1 is turned on first, and then the signals (Vi+, Vi-, RESET, Fault, Ready) are input.

- On the secondary side, power supply: VDD2 and VSS2 are applied first, and then the signal DESAT is input.

- There is no rule as to whether the primary or secondary side should be turned on first.

- The power supply must be turned on before the signal is input.

Is my understanding correct? If there is a mistake, please correct me.



  • Hi Kazu,

    Thank you for your question and interest in using the ADuM4136.

    There is no power sequence associated with the input and the supplies of the ADuM4136. The part will respond to what the input state is (please refer to truth table in the datasheet) during power up or supplies are higher than the UVLO and the READY is asserted.

    Best regards,