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Use of external V+ supply

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADM3232E

Is it allowed to drive V+ from an external supply (up to 14 V) instead of using the voltage doubler (C1 not used)? The voltage inverter shall still be used.

I want to make a galvanic separated RS-232 interface, which is self-driven by RTS and DTR in parallel by means of two diodes. Vcc is then driven by means of an LDO regulator from the cathodes of the diodes, but since the typical supply current of ADM3232E is only 1.3 mA, RTS and DTR can easily supply this. If however the power for the outputs is also drawn from Vcc through the voltage doubler, a lot of power will be lost since the voltage doubler also doubles the supply current for a given load.