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ADUM141E1 quiescent current

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUM141E1

I am using the ADUM141E1 part in a design.  The VDD1 supply voltage is 5 volts.  The VDD2 supply voltage is 3.3 volts.

I don't understand the quiescent current entries, pasted below.  This is from page 3 of the Rev D datasheet for this part.  Why are there four rows?

I mean, the conditions in the rightmost column for the first two rows are identical (Vi = 0 (E0, D0), 1 (E1, D1).  Are there more conditions that are not listed in these rows?

What is the max  ADUM141E1 quiescent current  with Vi =0?  Is it  17.0 mA or 10.0 mA?

  • Sorry, I see.  Please disregard the post.

  • Hi kaq, 

    The ADuM141E is an On-Off Keying architecture data isolator. Each channel has a transmitter that is active when the input sees one state, and idle when it sees the opposite input state. The 'E0', 'D0' isolators have the transmitter active when high, idle when low. The "E1', D1' have the opposite behavior, they have the transmitters active when low and idle when high.

    The specification you are looking at is when all inputs are simultaneously seeing the same input state. So the first 2 lines are the VDD1 and VDD2 supply current needs when the isolator is seeing it's default state at the input. The second 2 lines are the VDD1 and VDD2 needs when the isolator has all transmitters active. 

    Since you have mixed supplies, use the 5V tables for VDD1 and the 3.3V tables for VDD2 supply requirements. 

    FYI, the latest generation of OOK isolators have reduced supply current requirements. The ADuM341E may be of interest.