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Any simple way to determine ADM213E current consumption?

Product Number: ADM213E

Hi Team,

Customer is using our ADM213E and wants to determine its highest possible current consumption, I know it depends on lots of things. 

If we assume data rate is at 230Kbps, the load is worst case -> 3K ohms and 2500pF for each Tx. The supply is 5V, Ta = 25C, package is SSOP...

And more, this device is using charge pump which the VOUT changes from VCC, so many parameters to consider, how do we simply determine the max current need if someone is looking for a 5V power device to connect with it, how big the current it needs?

I have 2 proposals, please kindly verify for me, thx.

1) We use 'Output Short-Circuit Current' spec to determine the absolute max current? (4Tx * 60mA + Iq 13mA = 253mA)

2) From thermal point of view, it seems SSOP package only supports up to 850mW (as max rating). If Vcc = 5V, the total current becomes 170mA max. 

Thanks for any inputs.