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ADUM4146 Peak Current

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADUM4146

I have several questions: 

Q1: I want to design for 6A peak drive current with ADUM4146 which says its capable of 11A with rg=0ohm. ? According to my thermals calc it should be fine, but the fact there is a seperate "peak" current is just 4.61 is throwing me off so i want to confirm its allright. i know the gate resistor will have to be adjusted. 

Q2: Can you please share the ADUM4146 "B-grade" SPICE model? I saw it has been being worked on since 2021 and i figured its done by now but all i see is the IBIS model. THe B-grade model should be similar to the DESAT and miller clamp protection as ADUM413x is that right?

PSA1: RBLANK configuration connected to DESAT pin is not gonna work properly you gotta connect it between diode cathode and just letting you guys know. 

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