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Inverting Output Isolator

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADuM120N

Are there any inverting output digital isolators? That is, signal inversion under normal operating conditions, Vout is high when Vin is low or Vout is low when Vin is high. 

This is to replace an existing optocoupler with an inverting output.

  • Hi, 

    The standard data isolators are designed to galvanically isolate and reproduce digital signal. Besides voltage level shifting (based on the supplied voltage to the VDDx pins), standard data isolators don't modify the digital signal.

    I imagine an inverter with input hysteresis in series either on the input or output side would perform this function well, but some glue logic would be needed to invert the signal. 



  • Hi Jason,

    Are there any data isolators built with the ability to invert signals outside of the standard data isolator family?



  • Hi HHN, 

    I'm not aware of any digital isolator with that functionality. I'd expect the design will need some type of glue logic (or the logic being transmitted by the uC will need to be inverted).

    Can I ask what characteristic of the design needs to be improved switching from an opto to a digital isolator?