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ADUM4135 Schematic Review

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUM4135


Please review the schematic for ADUM4135 IC. DCBUS is 28VDC. Driving mosfet is VS-FC420SA10.


  • Hi ali.kaan,

    Thank you for using the ADuM4135 in your application.

    Looks good to me aside from the local decoupling capacitor that will be put close to the ADuM4135 supply pins.

    I suggest you add 0.1uF close to the VDD2/VSS2 to GND2. Also, D14 should be a fast recovery diode.

    regarding the DESAT circuit, I believe you will be doing some minor adjustments here to get the right desat response but the configuration looks good.

    May I know what is your application?

    Thanks and regards,